Double Standards, Hypocrisy, and Other Logical Atrocities

I decided that as this list would just grow and grow, it needed a page of its own. Feel free to suggest additional examples in the comments. If I add them to the list, you get a prize.*

1. The A.C.A.'s mandate is unconstitutional because it forces people to buy a private product. Privatizing Social Security is fine.
2. Democracy is good. Except when we don't like who wins.
3. Non-Muslim white people cannot be terrorists.
4. Big government is bad, except when it isn't.
5. Abortion is murder, except in cases of rape, incest, or where the life of the mother is in danger.
6. Deficits are bad, except when Republican administrations run them up.
7. Criticizing the Commander-In-Chief during war time is bad, unless the CIC is a Democrat.
8. GOProud
9. The profit I make is the result of my genius and hard work. Government taxation of my money is theft. The losses I suffer are not my fault, and the Government needs to bail me out. Because the world will suffer without my genius. Which genius has nothing to do with the catastrophic failure of my business.
10. It is unacceptable to ignore the will of the people when my party's policy preferences come up for a vote, but when your party is in control, minority rights!
11. Welfare for the poor is ruining the country. Welfare for the wealthy and corporations, not so much.
12. Sexting and sending racy photos is a moral abomination. Having sex with a prostitute, not so much.
13. A government employee (let's say a Republican Congressperson) saying the government cannot create jobs.
14. Spending a lot of money per student and having bad test scores shows public education doesn't work. Spending more money per patient and getting inferior outcomes if proof that private enterprise is the answer.
15. Protesting against government interference in MediCare is good, democratic, patriotic behavior. Protesting against the banksters who actually ruined the economy is bad, commie-nazi, anti-American behavior.
16. (via Gin & Tacos)  "If the government prices you out of the market for something frivolous, breaking the law is rational and your actions are the government's fault. When the market prices you out of a basic necessity of life, you get a lecture on personal responsibility and why you are What's Wrong with America."

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