Thursday, June 30, 2011

Facebook Nonsense

If you try to "share a link" to facebook on facebook, it creates some kind of cosmic feedback loop that will cause tooth decay, or something. I may be fuzzy on the exact consequences, but I know it ends badly. Also, why can't you "friend" yourself? I mean, if you can't really be a friend to anyone else until you learn to be a friend to yourself, what does that say about your facebook friendships?


There has been more of it this year around me (thankfully, not right around me) to shake me up a bit. I don't know how many people are honestly comfortable with the idea of mortality, but I'm pretty far from being one. Then I saw this:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

There Are No Racists In TheTea Party

The Tea Party is an easy target, because, well, there really are some racist motherfuckers at those rallys. And on YouTube. And in the Southern California Tea Party. See below.

Stupid Facts, Always Ruining The Narrative

Canada does not have a perfect system. I'm not even sure I'd want to model American single-payer on it. But, because it serves certain peoples' interests and/or ideology, we get a lot of bullshit about Canadian health care. I found the article below interesting.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'll Make You Famous

A high-lariously over-stated sense of the import of my blog, done as a joke. I know that maybe 3 people ever read this, and that includes my wife.

Sometimes, You Should Be Afraid

Partisan bickering, extreme posturing, and other forms of irritating stupidity can be understood in the context of elected office, executive or legislative. However, as argued in this piece, we simply MUST have as close to a rational judiciary as possible. Wisconsin, center of the black hole, has delivered us the worst possible news regrading politics and the law. Or should I say lawlessness. FSM help the people of the Badger State, and all of us if this disease spreads.

What He Said

I will now happily engage in the lowest form of blogging, the word-for-word re-post. Because there is no way in hell I can do any better. Original here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Little Homework Assignment

Let me start by saying I do not advocate a 90%, or even 70% top marginal rate. Now, I will repeat myself: I do not advocate a 90%, or even 70% top marginal rate. Now, I will put it another way: Top rate of 70% or more? No!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teacher Stuff

Lazy blogging raised to new heights. I do have a day job...


Fatal Fallacies, Part III

After my lengthy economics discussion on facebook today, I decided it was time to revive the series. Original piece here.