Monday, October 15, 2012

Help A Poor, Wayward Soul Out

I'm certainly no Christian. I will freely admit to being something less than a Biblical "scholar."  In fact, I've read a very tiny percentage of the Good Book. So having fessed up to my ignorance, I was wondering, as I don't have time right now to be reading the Bible, which of the following Republican goals would Jesus support? Because I know a very decent, loving, kind Christian woman who is going to vote Rmoney*/Ryan in a few weeks:

1. Environmental degradation, accomplished through the effective closing of the EPA and promotion of more fossil fuel use, among other things.

2. Making the rich richer, accomplished through various means, not the least of which is tax cuts.

3. Allowing more people to have illness go untreated, or have illness impoverish them, through the repeal or other effective destruction of the PPACA.

4. Promoting racial injustice through various means.

5. War/militarization, including fostering armed conflict without direct U.S. participation.

6. Keeping women second-class citizens by opposing their reproductive freedom and their right to equal pay for equal work.

7. Torture.

8. Support for tyrannical regimes such as Saudi Arabia.

This is just off the top of my head. So, help me out, explain, preferably with citation to Scripture, how a Christian could possibly vote Republican. Of course, I'm not arguing the Democrats are 100% better on every issue (they aren't, especially with foreign policy), but that doesn't itself justify affirmatively helping a Republican get elected.

* - not a typo

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