Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning America-Hating Liberal Propaganda

Amount spent on Tomahwak missiles launched at Libya: $93 million (the missiles alone). Amount spent on NPR last year: $60 million. Keeping America ignorant while blowing up brown people: priceless.

This country's priorities are so fucked up it is beyond belief.

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  1. Though I agree that the country's financial priorities are out of balance, I question your use of the Libyan missile attacks as an example of this. It is my impression (based largely on listening to NPR) that the attacks were carried out to defend the Libyan people from attacks by their own despotic leader. I believe that the rebels are in the right for trying to overthrow a leader who regularly assassinates and spies upon his own people. Further, since that rebel force is lacking in supplies and training, and since Gaddafi's troops were bearing down, it would appear to me that the United States' actions were in defense of human rights, and that more lives would've been lost had we done nothing. Am I missing something?