Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Caption Fun

Photos here.

Please put the number and the caption, like this:

#24 - Ass-crack gnome!


  1. #2 - Polygamy
    #10 - Hitchcock's Home Alone before Columbus
    #39 - I said "seedless"!!!!

  2. 1. Diarrhea effects one out of every two Americans. Will you be wearing your Depends when it happens?

    2. Alright girls we got one. Tomorrow lets use an axe!

    3. Peter was different from the other children...

    4. That is a huge cock.

    5. Next time on "I didn't know I was pregnant with sextuplets."

    7. Look brother, I promissed Dad a ride through the park as long as I live and that is what I plan to do!

    8. Brains!

    11. Thats a huge cock.

    12. Thats for a huge... never-mind.

    23. Field Marshall Fabulous was one of the most feared on the eastern front.

    39. You said this had bacon fat in it!!!!

    41. Although controversial, crate training is known to work well on ugly children.

    50. Leather Face, age 3.

  3. It looks like my 11 and 12 were supposed to be 12 and 13.

  4. 25. A young Edgar Allen Poe, cuckolded by Annabel Lee.