Saturday, September 1, 2012

The War On Manliness: The Golf Front

Yes, Virginia, people really do think like this:
The recent Augusta National Golf Club decision to allow membership for women is another misguided capitulation in the relentless war against men, our associations and camaraderie.
Women harangue, whine and verbally assault us with their demands for more power. They openly set their goal as wanting "everything." Let's be honest and clear — women have always been and continue to be the dominant influence and power in interpersonal relations, sexual interactions, in the family, in social and cultural arenas, the schools and in our churches.
It is estimated that women control three-quarters of the wealth in the nation and they certainly enjoy their seven extra years of life.
Recent history is awash with the number of organizations that have become feminized following their forced acceptance of females. There are thousands of women's groups, hundreds in any given region. How many men's or boy's organizations can you find in your area? Any?
Men also have a right to freely associate and develop their own identities, roles and goals, values and purposes. We are different, and it's not the power but the camaraderie that brings us together. Women do not fit in, and we resent them either overtly or subconsciously for their unwanted intrusion.
Many people have observed that if it were not for sex, men and women would rarely come together. Let's recognize those differences and retain a common sense separateness.
— Don Hilbig, Beloit
I was going to give this the treatment, if you know what I mean, but I'm just too sad. [via LG&M]

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