Friday, January 21, 2011

Giving it a whirl

So, I have decided to wade into the heavily saturated, often murky, sometimes amusing, and mostly pointless world of blogging.

I thought of the name while shaving. Originally, this was going to be called "Nick." But I wanted something punny. I'll assume you get the joke.

Part of the impetus for doing this is the realization that most of my facebook "friends" don't give a dingo's nut-sack about what I post there. Another is the potentially amazing/pathetic fact that as much as I throw up on facebook (I know what I just wrote), it represents a fraction of what interests me. Here, I think I can indulge myself/torture you at greater length and in more detail. Think of it as the Guantanmo Bay to facebook's battlefield detention center. Lastly, this will allow me to more fully elaborate on the topics I find interesting enough to share.

I know nothing about the technical side of this blogging business, so for now, at least, this is strictly no-frills, low-tech self indulgence. Any input or advice is welcome.

Welcome, thanks for stopping by, and most of all, a very fine day to you.


  1. I was wondering why you weren't posting on fb anymore. I miss your comments. I'll check here now.