Friday, January 28, 2011

One Year Of Love (well, more like 14 months)

It was one year ago today, after having him for just 14 months, that we had to put Wally down. If you haven't had to make that decision, and take a beloved pet to a place to have its life terminated, and sit there and watch it die, then I can't think of a way to explain how excruciating an experience it is. I miss you, Little Bear.

My wife says this picture shows his soul. I agree.

I think he fell asleep licking the pillow.

Wally's literary appetite was insatiable. I've still never met a more well-read dog.


  1. I was there for the departure of two of my beloved dogs. They tell you when it's time. I still think, "well, maybe we could have just waited..." but we did the right thing by them. I think it's way more difficult for us in the end but I know all doggies go to heaven and they're frolicking on a beach or in a meadow (well, in my mind anyway).

  2. This made me so sad. I cherish every moment I have with Princess Fancy Feast. When she goes, I will be devastated.

    RIP Wally. And hugs to you guys.