Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Price Of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance

This is not good. The right of a woman to make choices about reproduction is vital. That right is severely undercut in the face of the myriad efforts to curb it, as the link illustrates. The effort to exert control over those choices is oppression, plain and simple. And the oppression of women is one of the great shames of our society. 

"Pro-life" is one of the most irritating and hypocritical labels in today's lexicon. Two things are obvious to me:
1. Many "pro-life" people care more about punishing women for having sex than the life of the unborn. Thoughtful reflection about the compromises the "pro-life" movement are willing to make in the absolute prohibition of abortion under any circumstances should make this clear. If you think it is murder, why allow it to happen at all?
2. "Pro-life" people are, by and large, hypocrites. Anyone who wears the term "pro-life" and supports the death penalty is a hypocrite. Anyone who calls themselves "pro-life" and cheers for war is a hypocrite. Anyone who calls themselves "pro-life" but opposes science and its ability to save life is a hypocrite. This opposition to science includes a belief in Creationism.

This is not to say I support abortion in certain circumstances without some reservation. It seems to me that there are consequences to that choice. I'd like to see more of an effort to help stop unwanted pregnancy, and more of an effort to support women who might chose to have a baby and give it up for adoption. But, as a man, I feel I have no right to make that determination for a woman.

Abortions have always happened, they always will. We either accept that reality and deal with it as compassionate, sensible people, or we add to the problem.

Lastly, in some circumstances, abortion is a medical necessity. The animal who murdered Dr. Tiller effectively killed the women who relied on his expertise to save their lives. But I'm sure the murderer felt justified because of his "pro-life" beliefs.

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