Thursday, November 3, 2011

Behind Every Great Fortune, There Lies A Great Crime

One of my college professors passed that line along to us. If I were unemployed, in Greenland, I'd do a post (or series) on the crimes behind the fortunes (trust me, there is no shortage of examples). Via Balloon Juice, here is yet another example. Sure sure, innocent until proven guilty. But I find it extremely unlikely that charges would have been filed if there wasn't solid evidence. This kind of case is not like the cops arresting the nearest black guy that someone ID'd from 100 yards away in low light.There is almost certainly a very solid paper trail, if not witnesses willing to testify in excruciating detail about the fraud.

Just remember that for every example of someone milking the welfare system for thousands, I can find another of the "1%" stealing millions. Perhaps my take is overly-cynical, but I am inclined to presume the top .1% are crooks until proven otherwise.

Also, keep this story in mind when someone lies about the CRA and the Democrats being the cause of the housing crisis. I'll assume anyone reading this rejects the "it was caused by poor minority people lying about their income" ruse. If you don't reject that, you're an idiot. Kindly piss off.

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