Friday, November 9, 2012

Republicans And The Latino Vote

The 2012 Presidential election saw a continuance of a demographic trend that doe not bode well for the GOP at the national level. Latino voters went for Obama at a 71-27 clip, per CNN exit polls.

The GOP seems, for now, to be embracing the reality that they cannot win the White House if they don't close this margin. There has been a lot of preemptive mockery from the Left about this potential switch in tone, but I have a different perspective. I see this as democracy working. Latinos are a significant and growing block of voters, and having one of the two major parties move away from policy stances that are alienating (no pun intended) to such a group is a good thing, in my view. I hope our next President can represent as broad a coalition of voters as possible. If either party is forced to change policy based on election results, that isn't pandering, that's elections, in the context of representative government, working.

On another pretty-much unrelated note, there is anecdotal evidence that the Romney campaign really thought it would win, in the face of substantial evidence to the contrary. I just wonder this does to people who believe in magical "The Secret"-type thinking.

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