Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cruel AND Stupid. A Terrible Two-fer

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Read this and the link therein, then see my comments below.
Sadly, There Were No Measures Introducing Baby Kicking

#1 They're talking about not providing better nutrition to children. I'm not saying we need to provide kids with the best possible meals at any expense, but for fuck's sake, we're talking children. In school. School children.
#2 Providing kids with healthier food, aside from just being the decent, humane thing to do, has benefits. Benefits like, um, better nutrition. Which generally leads to better health. Which generally leads to, you know, LOWER HEALTH CARE COSTS. Also, kids who are better-fed generally have better ability to, um, learn stuff. Which, I thought, was the idea of school. And better-educated kids are generally more productive adults.
#3 Look who is suddenly interested in "hard" science. The party that denies climate change.
#4 If an ingredient makes a product that is hazardous to your health easier to get addicted to and harder to quit, then it causes greater harm to health than a product not containing the substance. What is so hard about that?
#5 Antibiotics in farm animals causes disease-resistant strains to develop, allows for more cruel husbandry practices, and may very well directly affect human health. Why prevent the FDA from restricting their use? One answer is, you're an evil motherfucker.

Look, this is simple. You can make all the arguments you want about protecting the interests of constituents (of course, which constituents you are protecting is arguably a relevant question, eh?), etc., but let's be honest. Democrats are no saints, no geniuses, but the Republican are simply evil motherfuckers. Not just penny-wise and pound-foolish, but evil.

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