Thursday, June 30, 2011


There has been more of it this year around me (thankfully, not right around me) to shake me up a bit. I don't know how many people are honestly comfortable with the idea of mortality, but I'm pretty far from being one. Then I saw this:

"If there’s any possible way to not do it legally, then yes, I would not want to put my name on any of those certificates or papers. That’s their life, they can do it, but I don’t feel I should be forced into something that’s against my morals and my God." - 75-year-old Barbara MacEwen, the town clerk of Volney, NY, responding to the gay marriage law.

And then I realized that death is a good thing. Every day, old bigots like Barb croak (yay!) and the next generation gets closer to a place of peak influence. All the polling data I have seen indicates that the younger generation is significantly more socially progressive than people like Barbara. It's the one thing I am truly optimistic about with respect to the future of this country.

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