Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'll Make You Famous

A high-lariously over-stated sense of the import of my blog, done as a joke. I know that maybe 3 people ever read this, and that includes my wife.

Hi Honey! Anyway, a friend of mine sent me an e-mail that I just had to quote, because it makes a crucial point really well, and this person is in the actual business world, while I have not and probably never will have that experience. So, even though it is exactly what I already believed to be true, you can't cite my lack of formal education or relevant business experience as a way to shoot me down. Take THIS, bitchez:

I'm a comptroller for a automotive group[...] I know tax cuts just go to the bottom line. We do nothing based off of taxes. We definitely don't hire based on taxes. No owner would say "The government is giving me more money, I should hire people I don't need with that money." We hire based off of sales. How many people do we need, to sell what what we are selling. If sales go up, so will the number of employees accordingly. If more people can afford cars, then that's more sales, more hires, and eventually more to the bottom line. In my opinion, it's the opposite of Reaganomics.[emphasis mine, awesomeness theirs]
And there, folks, is part of why the "let's cut taxes on the rich and get America going again" Republican "idea" about the economy is a steaming pile of horse poop that only a twit* would buy in to.

* - Use of the word "twit" dedicated to the spouse of the quoted person.

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