Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seriously, His Name Is Weiner

My two cents on the Weiner thing.

1. What he did was unsavory, and conduct unbecoming a public servant.
2. What he did was among consensual adults.
3. What he did is mostly between him and his constituents (and his wife, natch). Let them vote him out next year of they don't want him.
4. It really really really really really sucks that that scumbag Andrew Breitbart was actually right about this. It lends some credibility to a deeply dishonest lunatic.
5. For those Republicans or people (note the disjunctive) who are calling for him to resign, please explain this. Start with the question, "How is it OK to have sex with a prostitute, which is a crime, but not OK to sext and send dirty pictures to consenting adults?"
6. There are many much more important things to worry about.

[ADDENDUM: See Greenwald's take]

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