Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beaten To The Punch, Again

One of the things that makes blogging frustrating for me is that the vast majority of subjects I want to write about are covered elsewhere before I get time to write them up. So, this blog is probably going to have to serve mostly as an aggregation (The Brianington Post) site, with a little bit of original content, from me, anyway. Jon is better about being creative and original than I am. Oh well.

So, one topic I am interested in is showing how deeply unrepresentative the Federal Government actually is. Huge majorities favor programs that not only don't get enacted, but won't even merit discussion. I plan to write about why that is, but someone else will probably beat me to it. Actually the link below touches on some of it.

In the mean time, the post linked below [via Balloon Juice] is a great example of  the thwarting of majority will by the powers that be in D.C.

What the People Want Versus What The People Get

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