Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Land Is Our Land

And so I wade into the troubled seas of the Israel-Palestine issue. Some prefatory remarks are in order.

I support the existence of the State of Israel. I mean like I'd support full-scale American military intervention in an invasion or full-scale American retaliation against attackers.

My feelings about the policy choices of Israel towards the Palestinians is another matter. It is obviously a complex, multi-faceted issue. Suffice to say I stop short of "anything Israel does is right."

What I am not torn on is the issue of religious extremism. It is a bad thing, period. Jewish, Islamic, Christian, whatever. The extremists are nuts, they are dangerous, and as you'll see, they are deeply inhuman. My deep concern over this issue is not academic. I believe the current regime in Israel is catering to these freaks, and I believe that to be to the ultimate detriment of Israel.This lengthy video is a dark and disturbing look into the radical Jewish Right. I do not believe this is some fringe group that can be ignored. I think this is one of the major, under-discussed obstacles to peace.

If you are Jewish, and this video doesn't bother you, I have to ask you what you think it means to be a Jew. Because I suspect we have very different answers to that question.

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