Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Gotta Have A Plan, Man

Below is a link to a short article about the consequences of repealing the A.C.A., and the lack of any effective Republican alternative. There is more to the law than people realize. While I recognize the impossibility of the Republicans actually repealing it (if for no other reason than Obama will never sign any repeal bill into law), it is instructive to see how they approach the issue. I can only hope this repeal nonsense will  demonstrate how deeply unserious the G.O.P. is about health reform, and about the most pressing issue of the day: the economy. Where's the jobs bill, Mr. Weeper Speaker?

The alternatives to the health care law

Be sure to read the comments.

It is a sign of pure partisanship when one side fails to mention the good parts of a law, or put forth any realistic alternative. The fact that the A.C.A. is essentially the 1990s Republican alternative to President Clinton's proposal (HillaryCare), and yet they demonize it so heavily, is yet another example of the rightward shift of the G.O.P. in that last 20 years. Keep that shift in mind when you hear people talk about Left/Right in this country.

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