Friday, February 18, 2011

Underappreciated Music: Joe Walsh

Part One of what may turn out to be a series.

For those of you who don't know, Joe Walsh is a singer, songwriter, and a really fine guitarist.

His first albums were recorded with the James Gang. "Funk #49" is one of the best-know tracks from that band.
With his next band, Barnstorm, he had a #23 hit in "Rocky Mountain Way."

Then, in 1976, he joined the Eagels. The first album with Walsh in the line up was the iconic "Hotel California." You all know the title track, and the famous dueling guitars at the end. You can hear which parts are his in the live version. His part begins at 4:23.

The follow up was "The Long Run." "In The City" features Walsh on lead vocal. No good versions on YouTube, sadly.

While a part of the Eagles, Walsh recorded a solo album in 1978. On that record, "But Seriously, Folks" is one of the great rock lyrics, "Life's Been Good."

After the Eagles broke up, he released one of my personal favorite hidden gems, "There Goes The Neighborhood." "A Life Of Illusion" is the best-know cut from that album. Love the horns.
This is where I cease to be familiar with his work, for the most part. Wikipedia can tell you the rest of the story. I hope life's been good to you. So far.