Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Suppose Some Introductions Are In Order

As of today, I have been invited by your gracious host Brian to contribute to this blog. I have a feeling this is due to a recent barrage of posts on Facebook that have most likely been slightly overbearing for most of my friends. Anyway, I am a recent college graduate in International Studies working part time, so I am left with a moderately unhealthy amount of free time as I seek the coveted "big boy job." Hopefully, this will be a mutually beneficial endeavor, both giving me something to do as well as bringing insightful and stimulating discussion. Looking forward to being read by you. Yes, you.


  1. International Studies? Could you be the next George Friedman? a good website me and my colleagues like to use once in a while is the analysis is pretty good information that has proven very useful on my overseas business trips.

    look foward to reading your perspective and maybe learn something I may not have seen myself.