Monday, October 3, 2011

Case Study In Judicial Bias [Fixed]

Glenn Greenwald discusses Dennis G. Jacobs, the Chief Judge of the Second Circuit. As Greenwald notes, you will search long and hard before you find an opinion written in such nakedly activist, partisan terms. Jacobs, a George Bush Sr. appointee, embodies the very worst in judicial temperament, a man who is so consumed by his own ideological view of the world that he actually resorted to personally attacking the motives of the lawyers who took the case for the plaintiff.

Judges cannot, as human beings, put aside their views of the world and be the kind of judge now Chief Justice John Roberts laughably claimed he would be, that is, one who "calls balls and strikes." But to abandon any trappings of fairness in so naked a way as Jacobs does in the linked post is really astonishing, and something that should cause anyone who believes in equality in under the law deep concern.

Link below the fold.

Dennis G. Jacobs: Case study in judicial pathology

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