Monday, October 17, 2011

"Zeitgeist" Examined

The film "Zeitgeist" is to the money/banking paranoids what "Loose Change" is to 9/11 "Truthers." This site is dedicated to evaluating the claims made in the film. If you care for reasoned analysis, facts, and fair interpretation, regardless of your views, you'll go through it.

If you are satisfied that your paranoia is valid, and that any attempts to show where your opinions are not sound is just part of the conspiracy, then you'll get nothing out of this. If that is the case, I feel sad for you. It reminds me of the efforts by Creationists to assert the fossil record was placed there by Satan to mislead us, or by God to test us, or by Jews to deceive Christians. I include the bit about blaming the Jews, because I see a lot of that (implicit as well as explicit) in the banking paranoids' views.

This article from Scientific American does a cursory job of explaining why people believe in conspiracy theories.

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