Friday, October 14, 2011

Deja Vu

Over at LG&M, davenoon has a brilliant satire of the 53%'s message about hard work and not blaming Wall Street.

This kind of crap:

One of the benefits of keeping you ignorant about history is that it allows the same forces that tried to rape us to sneak in and do it again. As the link above shows, we've been through times where people raced to the bottom for the scraps the job creators would throw them. We once demanded a more equal, a more humane society. The OWS movement is trying to reclaim that history. While the cynical, dishonest attacks from the servants of Mammon are to be expected, the sheer number of people who aren't directly invested in (or benefited by) the extreme inequality in 21st century America is heart-breaking. Among the reasons I suspect there are so many of them is the near total ignorance of the past. The Gilded Age is not something that anyone (save the top .3% or so) really wants to go back to. If you don't realize that, I strongly suggest you hit the history books.

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