Monday, October 17, 2011

Shhh, You Aren't Supposed To Say That Out Loud

[via Balloon Juice]

Anyone paying attention knows Big Money buys votes, and sees itself as above the law, the democratic process, above anything that interferes with maximum personal financial gain. However, such brazen statements are hard to come by [bold by Balloon Juice]:
Some on Wall Street viewed the protesters with disdain, and a degree of caution, as hundreds marched through the financial district on Friday. Others say they feel their pain, but are befuddled about what they are supposed to do to ease it. A few even feel personally attacked, and say the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have been in Zuccotti Park for weeks are just bitter about their own economic fate and looking for an easy target. If anything, they say, people should show some gratitude.
“Who do you think pays the taxes?” said one longtime money manager. “Financial services are one of the last things we do in this country and do it well. Let’s embrace it. If you want to keep having jobs outsourced, keep attacking financial services. This is just disgruntled people.”
He added that he was disappointed that members of Congress from New York, especially Senator Charles E. Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, had not come out swinging for an industry that donates heavily to their campaigns. “They need to understand who their constituency is,” he said.

Their constituency, my dear, is the voting population of the State of New York. And, please note, Schumer and Gillibrand are Democrats, hence the "WINAD" tag.

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  1. "...for an industry that donates heavily to their campaigns."

    This is exactly what the problem is.