Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Enemy Of My Enemy...

I will once again urge you to read The Politics Blog with Charles P. Pierce every day. His brutal savaging of David Brooks, here, is simply splendid. The final paragraph:
What American capitalism knows about "moral norms" is that they are for other people. The people who did all the real damage are not in any way interested in "repairing the economic moral fabric" that "is the essential national task right now." They are interested in keeping the money they stole and in stealing as much more of it as they can. But David Brooks is far more concerned with some guy, sitting around his kitchen table, bills up to his elbows, who decides that, in the interest of the "economic moral fabric" of the country, he won't take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese tonight on the family MasterCard. Congratulations, good and faithful servant, says David Brooks, and orders another brandy.

My dad likes David Brooks, because my dad thinks Brooks is "not one of the crazy ones." I suspect it is more that my dad cannot accept that the ENTIRE conservative presence in mainstream discourse is just fucking evil.  That, and if you don't read closely, and with Brooks' history in mind, you can be fooled into believing in Brooks' non-craziness.
If you take excepting to my statement that the "ENTIRE conservative presence in mainstream discourse is just fucking evil," I will note that David Frum was not only disowned for failure to toe the line, but resigned his role as the voice of the Right on NPR, because, in my own words, the Right is a bunch of fucking idiots, and Frum is not. Brooks, however, takes with the one hand as he gives with the other. Sure, he makes "reasonable" criticisms of the Right, but never, ever admits that it is his fundamental world-view, one which he loudly and proudly pimped before it blew up the economy (not to mention fules the deeply misguided TEA Party), that is the problem.

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